Our Favourite Camps
We've Visited All Of Them

There are too many camps to list them all, but we've cherry picked a few of our absolute favourites to give you a sample of what's on offer. To make things easier for you, we have grouped them into categories.

Have a look, get a feel for what you want and don't want and then get in touch. Together we can find the perfect locations for your dream safari

Our meerkat ratings

Rating a safari camp is not like putting stars on a hotel. This goes beyond how comfortable the room is - it's the service, the guiding and most importantly - the wildlife experience. We've used our expert knowledge and taken everything into account. Chat to us for the lowdown on each of your options.

2 meerkat rating Won't break the bank

3 meerkat rating A few little extras

4 meerkat rating All the bells and whistles

5 meerkat rating Now we're talking

6 meerkat rating Fit for a King


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